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Here’s a useful tool that will allow you to register more phone in votes for Tommy and Peta. Follow the steps below

Step 1- download Text Now in the App Store

Step 2- open the app and select “Create account”

Step 3- fill out the information you don’t even need to use a real email address (Make sure to write down the user name and password)

Step 4- enter your area code

Step 5- click on the little person at the bottom of the page and log out

Step 6- repeat steps 1-5

This Monday DWTS makes its much anticipated season 19 debut and Tommy and Peta will need every vote they can get to make it to the next week last season I witnessed way too many people on so ill media claiming to be voting by phone and online days after voting had closed, so I decided to outline the many ways you can vote here, please make sure you pay attention to when voting opens and closes in your time zone so that you can be sure to get your votes in ON TIME

Here’s how you can vote:
Canada/US Google Call, Skype and Text now voters can vote for Tommy and Peta by phone 1-800-868-3413

Phone lines open at 8PM in each time zone and close 1 hour after the show meaning they close at 11pm in YOUR time zone. You can not vote by phone after the 11pm deadline.

AT&T customers can vote by texting the word VOTE to 3413

Just like the phone lines text voting opens at 8PM in YOUR time zone and closes at 11PM you can not text your vote if you’re not with AT&T.

WORLDWIDE ONLINE VOTING can be done for 24 hours starting at the top of the EAST COAST broadcast, you can start voting for Tommy and Peta as soon as the show starts at the following links:


OR ABC.com

TIP: you can register the maximum allowed weekly voted with MULTIPLE email’s on abc.com or using several facebook accounts. Example week 1 we get 13 votes, 10 emails would allow you to vote 130 times (Create emails using services like gmail, ymail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, mail.com, and hushmail.com)

Your votes MUST be in by TUESDAY at which time voting closes!

Enjoy the show!

James Maslow behind the scenes for Perez Hilton's CoCo Perez

Sequestered starring James Maslow will stream on Crackle for free, watch the trailer now.

TBT here’s a shot from James’ first day filming Sequestered which premieres in 12 days! Are you ready?
Are you counting down with us? James Maslow’s Sony Crackle series Sequestered premieres in just 13 days.

James Maslow "Sequestered" premiering August 5th on Sony Crackle.


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The James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd Birthday Project

Hey you guys as you now James and Peta’s birthday’s are right around the corner and I’m working on a massive fan project that they will never forget. The beautiful Hannah shared her story with wll of you via twitter, and has become a big part of James and Peta’s lives. So I turned to her mom to decide which charity we should raise funds for, and we’ve chosen one that benefits those with Down syndrome. Online videos and cards are great but I wanted this to be something EXTRA special and by giving to a charity that matters to them you are giving the ULTIMATE birthday gift to both James and Peta who’s birthdays are 2 days apart. We’ll make this fun there will be giveaways and plenty of things to get you excited. When we reach 500 we’ll be doing our first giveaway so let’s get it started. (Currently 490 away from 500!)

Donate here:


Pick something up in the Team Jeta store: